Get started
  • Sign up – If you want to join the BrainRomania community you can create an account by accessing and just fill in the sign up now form. A confirmation link will be sent to your e-mail address in order to validate your account 
  • Log in - Already a member of the BrainRomania community? Click on the Log In button in the top right corner of the front page of the website and enter your credentials in the designated fields: E-mail address / Password  click Log In.  
  • Recover password – If you wish to access your BrainRomania account but you forgot your password just click on Log in “I forgot my password” in the top right corner. Fill in your e-mail address and the system will automatically send you a link to reconfigure your access key.
  • To Log Out – Click   at the top right of any BrainRomania page. Select Logout
  • Changing your Account Status – If you wish to hide your account, go to Account Information and set your Account Status to Private. If you choose Private, your account will no longer appear in the platform or in search results. You can make your account visible at any time by switching to Public.   
Manage Your Account
Accessing profile settings – to edit your settings just click on “edit profile” or click  in the top right of your BrainRomania homepage and select Settings.
  • In the Account Information Section you can set your Account Status enabled/disabled, which affects your visibility on the platform.
  • In the Personal Information Section you can: 
- change your First Name and Last Name
- set your date of birth and gender
- choose a profile picture
- set your coordinateschoose your mother tongue and other known languages
- list your Personal Identification Number in order to be matched with national research data bases. This will automatically import your publications, patents and research projects in which you might have taken part, into your BrainRomania account.
  • In the Skills & Interests Section you can write up to 20 keywords which represent your expertise or your interests.  Based on your options, your profile will be suggested to other users that have similar interests for project collaboration purposes. Furthermore, information on the platform, especially in your FEED, is delivered to you according to the selected domains. This is a feature put at your disposal in order to avoid being overwhelmed when receiving a vast volume of information.          
  • Edit your profile tabs. The Profile data of a BrainRomania user is organized into several categories. Data from each tab may be added or edited in any order and at any time, but this data will become visible and available on the platform only if the minimal data binding categories (Account Information, Personal Information, Skills & Interests) have been completed and validated. To add information, click Add New Data. To EDIT the form, click on the icon. To delete the entire program, you can do so by clicking the Delete Data button. When opening a form, you will be asked to fill in certain details.  The SAVE button will become active only after the mandatory fields will be filled in. The CANCEL button is always active and, when clicked, it will close the entire form.
  • Education tab – In this tab, a user’s data on his/her education is structured and presented in two distinct sections: Higher Education & Other forms of education. Data from the HE form refers to forms of higher education: bachelor, master and PhD, while Other forms of education refers to other types of education one might have benefit from(workshops, trainings, summer schools and so on).     
  • Research tab – If you are a researcher you can add relevant information regarding your activity in this field: research projects you have conducted or have taken part in, patents, publications and scientific reports.
  • Teaching tab – This tab is designated for users that have a teaching activity and/or for users who are PhD Coordinators.
  • Career tab – If you previously filled in the Teaching tab, information will automatically be imported and can be viewed in this tab. Moreover, you can add other data, such as your past and current job. If you wish to delete or edit info regarding your teaching activity, you will have to return to the Teaching tab.
  • Entrepreneurship tab - this tab refers to companies which you might have established and  brands associated to these companies. Make sure to fill in a short description as to why you think your company is making an innovative contribution.
  • Honors & Awards tab – Add all the awards and prizes you have obtained along the way and those you consider to have a relevance to your career and public profile.    
Main functions
  • Find peers – In order to find and connect with fellow peers, just type their names on the search bar. Browse through the results, choose the member you wish to add to your contact list and click FOLLOW.
  • Notifications – Red alert is a notification in the platform that appears in the top right corner of the bar, over the bell icon. These notifications indicate your peers’ activity on the platform and new posts in your UEFISCDI and NOSEit feed. Also, a red alert will appear over the messages icon whenever a user sends you a new message. Click on these icons to view the notification.   
  • Messaging – You can access your mailbox only as an authenticated member, by clicking on the icon in the header of any BrainRomania page. Mailboxes and messages are private: a member cannot access the message inbox of other members and cannot publish the received or sent messages. Messages are grouped as 1:1 conversations. 
To write and send a new message, click New message and select a recipient by typing a name in the To: field. Write your message and click Send
To delete an entire conversation with a peer, hoover the mouse over the user’s bow on the left of the screen and click on the DELETE icon. The conversation will be deleted from your inbox only. Remember that once you choose this option, it cannot be undone. 
You can search for a conversation from a specific person by clicking on the search bar on the top left and typing their name. Your search result will appear beneath the search bar. 
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